Newly Married Dad Of 3 Experiences A Second Unexplained Memory Loss Years After He Had A Traumatic Brain Injury

Date June 6, 2018

Adam Gonzales has had a less than ordinary life. He has lost his memory twice, learned to love the same woman all over again and had no less than one career change.

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Traumatic brain injury

One morning in 2016, after he and Raquel had been married for four years, Adam lost his memory. He could not remember the life he had lived for four years.

Before then, he had lost his memory once before in 2011, after he was beaten within an inch of his life by his then-girlfriend. He’d been left with a traumatic brain injury.

A completely new life

The father of two could not even remember his children from a marriage that fell apart before he met the abusive girlfriend.

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But he learned to walk and talk. His memory did not return and his previous life as a branch manager for a telecoms company went with his old memory.

Adam moved from Texas to Phoenix, became a cable technician and met a mom of one, Raquel. They had lived together for years and been married since 2015, before the ill-fated morning.

Living with a brain injury

Although doctors can’t seem to figure out the cause of Adam’s second memory loss, his story draws a lot of parallels with that of another American couple.

Sonya Lea wrote a memoir, Wondering Who You Are, about how her husband, Richard Bandy, never fully got his memory back after a post-surgery complication caused him to lose most of his memory.

Like Brady, Adam is yet to recover all of his remembrance including his wedding to Raquel. However, the family is helping him get through it. Importantly, they are committed to building new memories and documenting them.

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