Woman Pulled Off A Genius Trick To Make Her Nails Look Perfect After Her Boyfriend Surprised Her With A Proposal

Date November 5, 2018 17:37

The internet is talking about this couple and you would too when you see the neat little engagement photoshoot trick they pulled off.


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The ideal proposal according to expert poll

For most couples, an engagement is a big deal, but not as big posting the photos online. A poll on showed that 88 percent of women think the ideal proposal has to be showed off on social media or it did not happen!

But posting online is not all women want. They care about what the ring looks like and they want the whole affair to be romantic and original.

Genius bride gets to work

Still, there are exceptions to the rule and for this woman, all she wanted really was the perfect manicure for her engagement ring.


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And because she had no control over when her boyfriend would propose, she was caught off-guard with bare nails when he finally did.

Not one to lower her standards, this genius bride-to-be got to work. Somehow, she convinced her cousin to be her finger-double and with the right camera angle, she had both the ring, the manicured nails, and the viral photo.

Bad luck or smart thinking

Naturally, people are having a moment online, especially as the finger-double cousin went ahead to share the story and show off how they pulled off their little trick.

Some people think it's pure back luck to let someone else wear your engagement ring.

Superstition aside, did this manicure-obsessed bride take it too far?

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