Alex Lewis Saved His Sense Of Adventure After He Lost 4 Limbs To A Deadly Flesh-Eating Virus


June 21, 2018 11:36 By Fabiosa

For some people, changes can be sudden and frightening. Alex Lewis is one of such people. He has lost four limbs and half of his face in less than 4 months. Warning: disturbing graphics.

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A strange common cold

Alex's story began in November 2013 when he collapsed. What started off as a common cold quickly turned into something tragic.

His family, the wife and then 3-year-old son, watched as the cold morphed into a flesh-eating virus, Strep A, that claimed his legs, two hands and a portion of his face,

Zest for life

Shocking as his experience was, in 2016, the wheelchair-bound former golfer proved he had not lost his zest for life. Alex said:

I'm kind of glad this all happened to me.

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He told that he was lucky to be one of the rare survivors of the deadly virus and his optimism is both inspiring and unsurprising.

Alex is 1 of an estimated 10,000 people who get Strep A yearly, and 1 of the even rarer 400 people who survive it after a quadruple amputation.

Helping other victims

The father of one was looking forward to living a full life with the aid of prosthetic limbs and even wants to compete in the Paralympics someday.

He's made the prosthetic limbs happen with a trust set up in his name.

But, now that he is almost done with rehabilitating, he plans to found a charitable organization to help other people who become victims of the deadly virus.

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