How Princess Beatrice Overcame Dyslexia And Insecurity With The Help Of Her Parents And The Harry Potter Books


June 7, 2018 14:13 By Fabiosa

Members of the British royal family have been doing a lot to move conversations on mental health lately, and Princess Beatrice is part of the party by shining a light on learning difficulties.

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Princess Beatrice comes clean

In honor of World Book Day last year, the royal spoke to The Evening Standard about her own learning disorder.

The royal said she overcame dyslexia with the help of her parents, Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.

Language-based learning disability

As a child, she says she struggled with reading and did not understand why. The effect of this was an insecurity she lived with until her diagnosis at 7.

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But like Princess Beatrice, 1 in 10 people have dyslexia and although this affects their ability to read fluently, decode words or spell, it does not affect their IQ. It is simply a language-based learning disability.

Good company?

Famous people who live with the disability include celebrities like Whoopi Goldberg, Stephen Spielberg, and academic geniuses like Albert Einstein. But this has not stopped them from leaving their mark in the history.

In fact, Beatrice currently serves as a patron of the Oscar’s Book Prize for children's books. It is likely that she is this passionate about books, precisely Harry Potter, helped her overcome her challenges.

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