Breaking The Stereotype: This Russian Modeling Agency Only Hires Models Older Than 45

Date October 1, 2018

The modeling industry is starting to welcome new (and not-so-new) faces

Fashion modeling used to be an industry open strictly for young beauties, but these times are over. This business has started to reflect our diverse reality!

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People of all ages are interested in fashion, and demand for older models is on the rise. One Russian modeling agency works only with senior models and proves that beauty is not defined by age.


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Showing older beauty as it is

Oldushka, founded by Igor Gavar, began as his passion project. The project became wildly popular, and Gavar started a modeling agency for seniors.



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The agency represents models aged from 60 to 85. There’s only one exception – Sergey, who is in his mid-40s but looks older.


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The agency aims to show that you can age naturally and still stay beautiful. Also, working with Oldushka is an exciting new experience for models themselves.


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One of the models, Valentina Yassen, told Vogue:

I was a professional actress, and for many years I worked in the theater, but now I’m not onstage.

I was nervous about entering modeling. But my son convinced me, saying, ‘Mama, you aren’t so popular that you would ruin your reputation as an actress by being photographed in an advertisement. You’re not going to lose anything, but it is possible to open something new for yourself.’


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How to get into modeling after age 50

Even though there are things that may be too late to try when you’re older, modeling certainly isn’t one of them!


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Pat Pattison, a male model who entered the business in his 50s, shared a few tips:

  1. Evaluate how much time you have to devote to this enterprise – it can be quite time-consuming!
  2. If you’re serious about your aspiration to become a model, have your pictures taken by a professional photographer.
  3. You will benefit from taking a commercial acting class, which can help you learn how to pose, get comfortable in front of the camera, and determine your type.
  4. Sign up for a casting service – that’s where you can get your first modeling jobs.
  5. Get an agent, if you can.

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If modeling is something you really want to do – don’t be afraid to try it, regardless of your age!

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