Singer Leaves Judges Speechless With His Breathtaking Performance Of Bobby Darin's "Mack The Knife"


February 8, 2019 17:59 By Fabiosa

Mack the Knife, originally Die Moritat von Mackie Messer, is a song created by a composer Kurt Weill for The Threepenny Opera. The song was first performed in Berlin in 1928 and became hugely popular among the crowds. With time it has become a favorite of many artists, including the legendary singer Frank Sinatra.

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However, the most famous version was performed by Bobby Darin in 1959. Darin was the one who made it a hit in the UK and US, even though he was reluctant to release it at first for the fear that it won’t be welcomed by the rock and roll audience.

But he was wrong as the single took the first place one on the Billboard Hot 100. Since then, many artists tried to sing it as good as Darin and one of them came really close.

Sal Valentinetti’ version

Even though Sal Valentinetti only landed on the fifth place in America’s Got Talent’s season 11, he was surely one of the most memorable contestants. The talented crooner made his name known to the world and since then has been touring with concerts across the country.


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His cover of Bobby Darin‘s hit single Mack the Knife left the judges speechless as the audience was clapping along to the energetic tune. Check out Sal’s remarkable performance below.

Sal Valentinetti comes from Italian-American family. He started singing the classic hits of Dean Martin, Tony Bennett and Frank Sinatra at the age of 15. After America’s Got Talent, Sal’s life has completely changed.


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Since then, all he does is singing and this is what he surely should do as we don’t get to hear voices like that too often.

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