Teenager You’d Say?! Totally Wrong! The Taiwanese Woman Is 42, And She Looks Gorgeous


April 27, 2018 17:14 By Fabiosa

It’s nothing special for any Asian, as a rule, to look younger than they really are. And it’s not only a subjective opinion of some people. Such a conclusion is supported by the data telling us more than 50,000 people in Japan are above the age of 100, and that’s fairly larger amount than in other parts of the world.

Some say it’s a diet that ensures such outstanding longevity in the area. However, others claim it’s pure genetics and physical characteristics.

This Taiwanese woman, Lure Hsu, is 42 years old, but it’s hard to tell if you just bump into her on the street. She looks like a teenager, and even her skin doesn’t let her down. She says the secret of her youth is lots of water she drinks daily as well as a considerable amount of vegetables.

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Still, her followers see her with some not that healthy food from time to time. But it just testifies to the fact everything is good in moderation. Lure Hsu has become famous owing to her sister, Sharon, who is an actress and once had invited her to a TV show.

Since then, Lure Hsu’s Instagram account has reached 230,000 followers, and it’s not a limit.

All in all, the Taiwanese media call the Hsu family "of frozen ages" because Lure and two of her sisters, Fayfay Hsu and Sharon Hsu, look just stunning for their age. They say it’s because of their mother whose genes they inherited:

When our mother was young, she was incredible youthful looking. Now she still looks great.

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Nevertheless, the most important thing is not how we look, but who we are on the inside. And when it comes to appearances, it is possible to tweak everything with a healthy lifestyle and a smile.

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