Isn’t It A Discrimination? Woman Doesn’t Even Get Considered For A Job Because Of Her 'Ghetto' Name

Date August 21, 2018 15:56

They say it’s easy to find a job if only you have all the right qualifications for that. However, the reality is a bit different, and a lot of people still face discrimination nowadays.

Racial names?

It’s hard to believe, but racial discrimination over names still exists, and statistics is a proof. According to National Bureau of Economic research, job applicants with 'white' names have a 50% chance of getting a callback over those who have African-American names. And that’s in the society that strives for equality and doesn’t tolerate racism, right?

'Ghetto' Name 

Such statistics is nothing without facts, and this one will shock you with its cruelty. A woman named Hermeisha Robinson has encountered such an appalling situation in her life, and shared it with others. She applied for a job as a customer service representative at Mantality Health. She was confident she was qualified for it, and there were no doubts she was a great candidate.

However, the company decided otherwise and sent her a shocking reply. They denied her explaining their decision by her 'ghetto' name.

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Public's reactions

You can just imagine how angry the people who read her post were with the company. They disqualified a talented specialist just because of a name they considered offensive or, as they put it, 'ghetto'. People’s reactions are unanimous. Such an employer shouldn’t just be on the market.

No one has a right to deny a person a job, or any other life important things, based on personal biases. And until it is so, humanity has no chance for anything.

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