Mother’s Prophesy: Man Sells Everything He Has To Buy A Bike And Travel 6,000 Miles From India To Sweden To See His Love

Date August 20, 2018

Some people say there’s nothing they wouldn’t do for their love, while there are those who can’t sacrifice even an hour of their free time. So who’s right or wrong here? Everyone has their own truth, and PK Mahanandia, a Dalit Indian artist, had his own as well.

Untouchable – who are they?

As a matter of fact, Untouchable, or a Dalit, is an official caste, formerly known as Harijan, in traditional Indian society. All of the casts had their norms and traditions, but there was one common one – the rule of endogamy. It means that marriage should happen exclusively within the caste community. It’s also considered to be the lowest of India's caste hierarchy.

40 years ago this man sold everything to buy a bike

Indian artist PK Mahanandia traveled 6,000 miles from India to Sweden by bike to see his love, Charlotte Von Schedvin. They met when she visited India as a tourist and fell in love almost at first glance. The man was trying to paint a picture of her in 10 minutes, but it appeared to be no good, so she came the next day again.

That’s when he asked her really strange questions that didn’t scare her. According to BBC, his mother used to tell him every time he felt down a prediction about the woman he would marry:

Whose zodiac sign would be Taurus, she would come from a far away land, she would be musical and would own a jungle.

And these were the questions he asked her. Interestingly, the woman appeared to be a perfect match.

It was the inner voice that said to me that she was the one. During our first meeting we were drawn to each other like magnets. It was love at first sight.

I still don't know what made me ask her the questions and then invite her for tea. I thought she would complain to the police.

When she left, he promised to follow her to Sweden. And that’s what he did a year after, when he sold everything he owned to buy a bicycle.

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Couple's secret for a happy marriage

Now, they are a happily married couple and feel great together. What is more important, they are still in love with each other. Here’s what he says now about the long road to his love:

I had no idea about European culture. It was all new to me, but she supported me in every step. She is just a special person. I am still in love just as I was in 1975.

According to National Geographic, here's the secret of their happy marriage: 

I have one secret. There is no secret! [Laughs] Marriage is a union not only physically, but also spiritually. Recognizing that allows love to grow like ripples on water.

When I enter the house, I park my ego outside. Ego is connected to the mind. I call my human mind a mad monkey. But when you park your ego outside, on the inside of the house there is only openness.

It’s only a great love and determination that helps people to achieve even the craziest goals. Luckily, this goal has appeared to be life-changing in a good sense of this word for Mahanandia.

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