Act Of Kindness: Cop Drives 84-Year-Old Man To Hospital So He Can Visit Ailing Wife

Date April 26, 2018

With age, we are likely to feel lonelier. The social circle of seniors begins to shrink, as their friends and family either pass away or move to other places. As a result, they may have no one to ask for help in case of an emergency.


But 84-year-old Roger Maker from Montoursville found a perfect solution. When his ailing wife had a medical emergency and was taken to the hospital alone, Roger had no one to drive him to her. So, he called the police.

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Deputy Chief Bentley was on his regular shift when he got the call from the 84-year-old. And without a second thought, he came to pick Roger up and give him a ride.

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At UPMC Susquehanna, Bentley was snapped holding the elderly man’s hand and walking him into the establishment. It’s so touching that there’s no wonder the picture garnered hundreds of shares after it was published on the social media.

Shortly after it was taken, hospital staff brought a wheelchair and took Roger to the emergency room to see his wife.

Why did the police share the photo?

As they say, they just want everyone out there to know that the police are always ready to help you no matter the situation. In Roger’s case, it’s not the first time his wife fell down. But instead of calling 911, the man usually went out to the road and paid people to pick her up.

Surely, it’s not the only police act of kindness caught on video. In 2017, there were many cases that went viral quickly. We, in particular, like this Instagram video featuring the police officer from California. When he found out that the boy in the neighborhood had no costume for Halloween, he decided to fix it by buying a Batman costume and surprising the kid with it.


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Thank you for your service!

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