His Beloved Wife Has Liver Failure, So He Offers His Truck And Kidney To Anyone Who Can Save Her


May 9, 2018 18:31 By Fabiosa

In 2015, death rates from cirrhosis and chronic liver disease among Americans aged 45-64 increased for more than 30% as compared to 2000. There are almost 4 million people in the United States diagnosed with cirrhosis.

Many of them wait for a new liver. And Marie Robinson is among such people.


She was diagnosed with the condition that eventually results in liver failure three years ago. Unfortunately, it can’t be cured. But if Marie gets a liver transplant, the disease can be slowed.

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Since her diagnosis, the woman has been on the waiting list. But she’s just one of almost 20 thousand people with the same condition.

Marie is lucky to have a caring and loving husband Verlon who wants to make every effort to prolong her life. Unfortunately, he can’t be a donor for his wife. So, he decided to find another person.

A few days ago, Verlon took to Facebook and shared a post where he offered to trade his '04 Dodge pickup, trailer, or even his kidney for a part of liver for his wife'!

As he says:

Everything I've worked for all my life is not important to me. This is important to me, right here. I just couldn’t imagine life without her.

Surely, not every donor is compatible. Marie needs someone with type 'O' blood. She also promises to cover any expenses. The surgery might take up to 8 hours, but it can help Marie live longer.

It’s no surprise Verlon’s post went viral. After almost 2 thousand people had shared it, he was contacted by many news agencies, including Fox News, asking to let them share his story.

As for Facebook users, while some sent prayers and wished Marie recovery, others seem to be ready to share part of their liver even without a truck or trailer!

Here are some of the heartwarming responses shared

Verlon Harley Robinson / Facebook

We hope Marie and Verlon will find a compatible donor real soon!

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