Woman Who Always Smells Like Fish Due To Rare Condition Explains What It's Like To Live With It


August 30, 2018 13:15 By Fabiosa

Have you ever been feeling like everyone around is looking at you and talking behind your back? No doubt, all of us had it at least once. But this woman constantly lives with this paranoia. The reason is her unusual smell.

Woman who always smells like fish

Meet Kelly Fidoe-White, from Oldham, a woman who suffers from a rare condition that causes her smell like fish.

It’s actually a skin disorder called Trimethylaminuria or, in other words, 'fish odor syndrome'. The condition causes affected people to give off a strong odor in their sweat, urine, and breath. Most people diagnosed with Trimethylaminuria are forced to live in social isolation due to a constant severe smell.

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At first, Kelly had no idea she suffered from 'fish odor syndrome'. Of course, she knew there was something wrong with her but hoped it’s just hormonal and she could get over it.

At some stage, Kelly used to have four showers a day, changed her clothes several times, and used whole cans of deodorant to mask the smell. But all her attempts failed.

Kelly could work only in the night shifts because her colleagues said they couldn't stand that “awful smell.

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There is always a way out!

Kelly Fidoe-White was diagnosed only in 2015. Before that, she spent an enormous amount of time in the shower and wasted money on expensive deodorants that didn’t work for her.

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That was extremely difficult to deal with her condition as a teenager due to constant bullying. But there is always a light in the end of a tunnel.

Today, Kelly takes medications and her smell is not as sharp as before. Of course, she can’t get rid of the ‘fish smell’ once and for all, but at least she knows she is not alone with the condition.

When Kelly became more open and honest about her disorder with her work colleagues, it helped them become closer. She said nobody’s judging her.

Moreover, Kelly is happily married. Her husband, Michael, said:

Kelly wasn't that confident when we first met. And I think the best way of me helping her with the condition is to just be supportive and loving husband.

This brave woman decided to share her story to raise awareness about Trimethylaminuria. Kelly hopes her experience will help other people with the same disorder enjoy their lives and do not isolate themselves from the society. Kelly says:

If I can do it, you can do it too!

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