“Success Is My Best Revenge!”: A Woman Who Was Set On Fire Because Of Jealousy Says She Has No Time To Hate Her Attacker

Date September 4, 2018

A woman who has been given poor chances to survive after she burned alive in an acid attack, proved to the whole world that, with a strong will and love for life, miracles do happen.


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Dana Vulin: a story of the burns survivor

Dana Vulin spent the last 5 years of her life in a constant pain after she suffered burns to 64% of her body.


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Dana was at home when her attacker, accompanied by a friend, knocked on the door. It was a woman, who demanded to know where her husband was, wrongly thinking Dana and he had an affair.

After Vulin said she had no idea what the woman was talking about, the attacker took a bottle of methylated spirit and threw the liquid on her.

Dana recalled that horrible evening in her book, Worth Fighting For, 5 years later.

The flames spread to my head, my hair went up in seconds, and when I reached up to wipe the burning chemicals off my face, my hands were already on fire.

Long way to recovery

The next 5 years turned out to be a real disaster for Vulin. She had suffered third-degree burns to two-thirds of her body.

Vulin underwent nearly 200 surgeries since she was set on fire. For 3 years, she had to wear a compression mask on her face until the horrible burns heal. The poor woman had a skin on her chest completely replaced three times.

Dana’s attacker was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

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“Success is my best revenge!”

Dana Vulin did manage to survive after the horrible attack. Moreover, this brave woman decided to share her story of unbelievable survival in her memoir, which became a best-seller soon after its release.

If you take a look at Dana’s current photos, you will never recognize a victim of acid attack. You’ll see a beautiful and strong woman, who keeps on fighting for her life no matter what. Vulin is not ashamed of her scars. She proudly shows them as a reminder of all the pain she had to go through.


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As for her attacker, Dana said she had no time to hate her:

Success is my best revenge!

We admire this brave woman and her will to live. Hope her story will inspire everyone to never lose hope, even in the most desperate situations.

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