Successful Image-Maker Wants To Prove That Every Woman Is A “Queen” At Any Age


September 11, 2018 16:14 By Fabiosa

Age is not an obstacle to feel attractive and beautiful. In case you doubt this fact, a talented image designer, Konstantin Bogomolov will dispel any doubts.

Image is everything!

Is there a recipe to make any woman look attractive? Well, if such recipe really exists, all of us will give a lot to know it.

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A successful image designer from Latvia, Konstantin Bogomolov, is confident that every woman is beautiful at any age.

Bogomolov is the owner and founder of a beauty school, where he invites models of different ages, from students to pensioners.

In his school, Konstantin teaches women not just some make-up techniques, he helps create a complete image based on the occupation and personal interests of each client.

The talented designer applies his knowledge in psychology to make a woman not just look great but feel comfortable and confident.

Life has to begin (again) at 40 for a lot of modern women because this is the average age at which their kids have grown up. Women can finally devote more time to themselves. But the problem is that some of them just don’t know what to start from.

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Here are some examples of Bogomolov’s beauty transformations. Maybe they will inspire you for some changes too.

Beauty advice from the top image-maker

Of course, there are no strict rules on how a woman should look like to be attractive. But Konstantin has his vision of the real beauty. He said:

It sounds trite, but it's all about harmony. Harmony is not just the correctly-picked accessories for a dress or the heel height, or the haircut. The image harmony means the internal state, manners, behavior, and, of course, the sense of style.

What’s it all about? Dear ladies, you all are beautiful at any age when you live in harmony with yourself.

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