Breaking Stereotypes: Bullied Woman Becomes The First Teacher With Down Syndrome In Her Country

Date August 30, 2018

With a motivation and a positive attitude towards life, nothing is impossible! If you need a proof, we have a great story of a girl who became the first teacher with Down syndrome in her country.  

Meet Noelia Garella who proved that living with any negative stereotype is wrong.

Noelia and her story

Noelia Garella had to learn to overcome difficulties from her early childhood. The matter is that she was born with Down syndrome.

When Noelia was a child, a nursery school rejected to accept her because of her special condition. The young lady recalled how they looked at her like at “a monster” that had no right to sit in one class with ‘normal’ kids.

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For more than two decades later, Garella decided to prove her bullies were wrong. She fulfilled her long-time dream to become a teacher herself.

The first teacher with Down syndrome

Noelia’s persistence and faith in herself made other people believe she was capable of becoming a good teacher. Administration of the Jermonito nursery in Cordoba, Argentina decided to give her a chance. They did the right thing!

Today, Garella teaches an early-learning reading class to kids aged 2 or 3 years old. Her students adore Noelia a lot. Her colleagues also get inspired by this incredible young lady. They say:

We very quickly realized that she had a strong vocation. Noelia gave what the children in the nursery classes most appreciate, which is love.

Garella is the first person with Down syndrome to work as a preschool teacher in Argentina. But she is not the only one in the world.

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Another teacher with Down syndrome denies norms

What some people often forget is that every person with Down syndrome deserves a right to live the full life.

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Children born with Down syndrome are capable of doing a lot of things. They have a wide range of abilities. The only difference is that these kids need more time to reach development milestones than others. On the other hand, they are more persistent in reaching their goals.

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Our point is that never judge other people on the basis of stereotypes. People with Down syndrome are just like the rest of us and deserve to be happy. If you give them a chance, you’ll be surprised what they are capable of.

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