10 Trendy Hair Colors That Can Make Women Look 10 Years Younger

Date October 5, 2018 10:59

Hair color can make or break your entire look. Some shades even have the magical power of making you look several years younger – certain colors bring youthfulness to the face and can overall refresh your entire appearance! We've carefully picked out the best hair colors that will inspire you to shake things up and boost your style knocking decades off your look.

1. Golden Mellon

4. Chocolate Brown Hair 

5. Broomstick Blonde


8. Auburn and Honey Blend 

9. Dark Mocha

10. Pink Champagne


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Matching hair color to your skin

A very important thing to remember is to match your hair and skin colors. For example, if you're warm-toned, you should consider hair colors that have gold and honey undertones, while cool-toned ladies should opt for colder shades. If you're unsure, it's easy to check on your wrist – if your veins are green, you are warm-toned, but if you see blue or purple, then you belong to a cool-toned clan.

Do you agree with our list? Which hair color did you like best?

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