Disabled People Are Taking The Fight For Better Treatment And Respect To Twitter

Date November 16, 2018

A lot of disabled people are given the short end of the stick and constantly fall victim to bullying. But often, some either stand up and speak out or find some other way to make a statement. Elsie Tellier is one of these outstanding people who has chosen to look on the bright side of her disability.


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The fashion blogger has turned her wheelchair into another fashion accessory and has taken the art game to a whole new level. She came up with a brilliant idea to customize her wheelchair, and she often poses with it in pictures she then shares online.

Tellier’s condition is somewhat peculiar. She suffers cystic fibrosis and often has problems with her joints, thus she has an occasional need for a wheelchair. But she does not consider herself disabled as she can walk on her feet. Her pictures are a personal attempt to change the public perspective of people living with disabilities.

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She is not alone

When author Ken Jennings shared a Tweet  in 2014 about people in wheelchairs, he was probably unprepared for the uproar that would follow. But the uproar did follow, and it has picked up steam four years later.

Blogger and activist Annie Segarra started a Twitter movement with the tag #hotpersoninawheelchair that is already causing a storm. Her mission is to prove that people on wheelchairs can be just as attractive.


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Like Serarra, these other women and men have jumped on the bandwagon to prove that being in a wheelchair does nothing to diminish their personality.

The campaign is only just starting, and it is hoped that the traction it causes will engender more sensitivity in people who are usually antagonistic to disabled people.

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