5-Year-Old Boy Fulfilled His Late Dad's Final Wish By Arriving To His First Day Of School In A Fire Truck

Date August 23, 2018 10:03

Little Cooper's father had always dreamt about taking his little boy to his first day of school on a fire truck. Christopher Brooks, Cooper's dad, was a volunteer firefighter, so ever since his son was born, he'd counted the days until he could take his son to school in style.

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Unfortunately, Christopher died in a motorcycle crash only several months away from Cooper's first day of school. Brooks left behind 3 children – Cooper and his two smaller siblings – and wife, Jessica.

At the time, 5-year-old Cooper knew about his dad's plans, but he had no idea that his final wish was destined to come true.

His dad's last wish

The reason Christopher Brooks was a firefighter and wanted to give his son a ride on the fire truck is that his own father did the same for him on his first day of school. As Jessica Brooks told ABC News:

He never forgot it, and his friends thought it was so cool that he and his twin brother got to ride the fire truck to school. He hoped we could make that happen for Cooper.

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When Cooper's first day of kindergarten came, his father's colleagues escorted the little boy to school. The truck was filled with joy, and everyone was smiling ear to ear as if knowing that Christopher was watching over them, finally happy to see his wish come true. In Jessica's words:

It melted my heart just to see my husband's wishes being fulfilled, and just remembering him how much it meant to him. Cooper is able to extend that memory. It's bittersweet.

Some comments people left

This beautiful story proves that it's never too late to fulfill wishes of our loved ones. As long as they're with us at heart, it's worth honoring their memory.

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