So Much Joy! Ellen DeGeneres Brought Us To Tears With This Incredible Surprise For A Military Family

Date September 19, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres often does incredible things for people on her show, but she completely blew us away when she surprised a military family with an amazing gift.

Precious family time

Vanessa Villegas and her 5-year-old daughter, Ellie, sent a video to Ellen on which Ellie received a teddy bear dressed in a military uniform with her dad's voice recording. David Villegas, Vanessa's husband, is away on training and at that point had no contact with his girls for over two months.

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Ellen invited Vanessa and Ellie under the false premise and offered them to join her on the air.

Mom and daughter thought the host just wanted to praise their video and ask about the hardships of being apart from David, but Ellen had another rabbit in the hat.

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To Vanessa and Ellie's surprise, David appeared on the screen, followed by loud cheer from the audience.

Vanessa was completely overwhelmed and little Ellie was beyond happy to see her dad.

The entire family reunion was so incredibly sweet and adorable, it brings happy tears to our eyes.

People on social media absolutely loved the video

Another similar surprise from Ellen

Ellen loves surprising military families, and once, on her birthday, she invited Maura Gonsalves to her show. Maura's boyfriend Noah Copeland is a Navy officer, so they fit Ellen's criteria perfectly.

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At the time, Maura and Noah haven't seen each other for over a year. He was deployed to a secluded island somewhere in the Indian ocean, so they couldn't even fly out to meet.

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Ellen completely blindsided Maura while talking to her and pretending a crew member was going to bring her a gift, but instead Noah walked out with flowers.

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Happy Maura jumped on her boyfriend and couldn't let him go.

It was a moment of pure happiness and excitement.

Thank you, Ellen, for making such amazing surprises for good people!

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