Window To A Challenged Mind: A Brilliant Autistic Girl Shared Her Daily Thoughts And Struggles In A Detailed Letter

Date August 15, 2018 12:37

Have you ever wondered what it's like being in a mind of an autistic person? We know they're struggling mentally, but those of us who have no experienced with such people don't have the faintest idea of the challenges they're encountering daily. One mom decided to share her autistic daughter's point of view and offered everyone a glimpse into her daily struggles.

A window to the challenged mind

Kym Scott is a mother of Libby, who's living with autism. Libby is an extremely bright and energetic girl, but according to Kym, she doesn't like to read or write. One day, the woman was surprised to see that her daughter had written down her thoughts throughout the day.

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Kym shared Libby's story on her personal Twitter account, and it immediately went viral. Libby titled her thoughts "The life of a perfectionist", as she is suffering from obsessive compulsive behavior. Her writing is extremely insightful and makes you feel her struggles. Even the simplest thing as her candles being in the wrong order or her friend's wristbands not matching can disturb her peace of mind.

Libby ends her tale with a heartbreaking realization that she's different, and we can feel this young girl's weight of having to accept this fact:

I feel like I just don't fit in. Sometimes I pretend that everybody feels the same as me but *shakes head* I don't think so.

Upon sharing Libby's thoughts, Kym had no idea what kind of response she would get from social media. Imagine her surprise when she discovered thousands of messages of support.

Overwhelming public support

People immediately reached out to Kym and Libby, praising the little girl for her bravery and willingness to share her point of view.

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Seeing how many readers were interested in Libby's story, Kym started a blog on Twitter for her daughter, where she can share more of her thoughts and emotions.

Tips for parents with autistic children

Autistic kids need more care than others, especially emotional support. Although challenged, their minds are incredibly complex and require constant attention and stimulation.

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We offer some tips, which can help you as a parent of an autistic child:

  • Educate yourself and be aware of your child every need, even the potential ones.
  • Find your community. Look for local support groups, join internet conversations, and find other families with similar children, so that you can help each other.
  • Don't forget about yourself. Try to find some time to be alone or do what you love. Your child needs you and if you exhaust yourself, you won't be of much use.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help. Talk to psychologist if you're feeling overwhelmed by what you're going through, taking care of an autistic child means taking care after yourself as well.

Autistic children are different, but that's what makes them special. We're not aware yet of what we can learn from them, but the hero of our story, Libby, just gave us a small glance into what their life is, and it's incredibly enlightening.

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