Teacher Hangs $1 Bills In Her Classroom, Teaching Her Students An Important Life Lesson

Date August 23, 2018 14:09

Nowadays, teaching methods are getting more and more interactive and creative. The main goal is to keep students interested, and there are many ways to do it. For example, some schools use the “spaced learning,” a way of teaching in which children play and exercise for around ten minutes, then go back to their tables and learn a lesson for eight.

Other ways include adding video game lessons, hip hop education (use of rap battles to remember vocabulary words), etc.

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Bailey was a special education teacher for around seven years before. Now, she is preparing future teachers at the university level.

The woman decided to demonstrate a trick which can be used at home or in the classroom, and easily explains the necessity of accommodations and extra help for students with disabilities to the entire class.

When students enter the room, Bailey usually asks two students (one should be much taller than the other one) to help in the demonstration. As a rule, nobody refuses to do that.

When everybody is in the classroom, two students come to the front, where two dollar bills are hanging above their heads. Bailey announces that the first student who reaches the dollar, will be able to keep both. Of course, the taller student always grabs the dollar bill and wins the contest. After that, they both take their seats and continue the lesson.

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Bailey explained what is usually going on to the Herview From Home:

But inevitably, I overhear some whispers, “That wasn’t fair.” And so I use the whispers to my teaching advantage. I announce, “You know what, guys? I’m hearing some whispers that my contest wasn’t fair. What do you think?” We then begin a conversation about the fact that it’s nobody’s fault that one student was taller and the other wasn’t able to reach. So what can we do?

Then, Bailey calls the same students, but allows the shorter student to stand on the chair. This way, they are equal, and can continue the game. This time, both students get to keep their dollars. So, it is a good chance to explain something really important to students. Bailey says:

Education is no different. Some students have difficulties or even disabilities we can’t see. The material we study can’t be identical for every student. Sometimes, they just need a chair. Sometimes, we have to make adjustments for students in order to allow them to get to the same goal as everyone else. We all deserve the best education. We all deserve to reach our goals, but some of us just need a little more help because of the way we were born.

We all are different, and sometimes it is necessary to offer some help to other person. Bailey is such an inspiring teacher!

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