This Woman Had A Mastectomy, But It Didn’t Stop Her From Breastfeeding Her Child

Date October 2, 2018

Mastectomy, the surgical removal of one or both breasts, is usually carried out to treat breast cancer. Some people, who are at the high risk of breast cancer, can have this surgery prophylactically.

Of course, having a mastectomy is a huge stress for women. They become ashamed of scars and are afraid to live a normal life.

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But this woman showed that life goes on, and it is necessary to enjoy every single moment. Moreover, mastectomy didn’t stop her from breastfeeding a child.

Bo Smith turned out to be an extremely strong woman and a loving mother, who wants to breastfeed a baby no matter what. On her Facebook account, she posted a photo of herself nursing the newborn son after having a mastectomy, and showing a scar across the left breast.

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For Bo Smithб it is rather hard to explain the feelings she experiences while breastfeeding her child every day. It seems like something unbelievable! Before, doctors claimed she would not be able to hold the baby in her arms and moreover, would never be able to feed.

After losing one breast to cancer, Bo Smith didn’t give up her dream to have a baby and to experience intimate moments of breastfeeding. Now, she has it all, and she is indeed an example to be followed!

The woman teaches others not to be ashamed of scars, as it means you were stronger than whatever tried to hurt you.

Bo Smith calls herself a lucky one, as she became a mother of a wonderful son and has an opportunity to breastfeed him. She always tries to stay optimistic and doesn’t let bad thought ruin the day.

She was diagnosed with an inflammatory breast cancer back in 2015 and told by doctors she only had a 40% chance of living for five years.