Skating Rink Staff Didn't Treat A Boy With Cerebral Palsy Special. How Come Parents Are Praising Him?

Date October 26, 2018

People with disabilities need our constant care and support. But sometimes, they want to feel like everybody else, and that’s something a little boy from Colorado got to experience.


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6-year-old Charlie Sumner from Nashville has a cerebral palsy and is used to spend most of the time at home. Of course, he felt isolated and upset. Now, he usually uses a wheelchair to get around and has an opportunity to be outside for a longer time.


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Once, Charlie’s family decided to spend a vacation at the Beaver Creek, in Colorado. They call it the best trip ever, particularly because of the friendly help of a stranger.

One day, Charlie’s younger brother and sister decided they want to go ice skating. His dad, the player in the ice hockey league, wanted to skate, too.


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At first, the family spent their time as usual: Together, but doing their stuff separately. Nevertheless, Charlie kept pointing to the ice, as he wanted to join his siblings and his dad.


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That was the time he met an ice skating worker, who made his day. Charlie’s mother told ABC News:

He did not treat Charlie special. He treated him like everyone else, just the way he did with his brother and sister.


ICE SKATING! I have no words!

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According to Charlie's mother, they had so much fun together:

He loves to go fast, which he did, he loves to spin around, which he did.

By the way, Charlie’s mother has a special tattoo for her little boy. On her Instagram account, she wrote:

This is so much more than a tattoo. It’s the place he touches when he needs my attention. It’s a symbol for my kid who speaks in symbols. It’s also a message that a wheelchair does not have to be a sad thing. We love our wheels. 


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Thanks to the stranger on the ice skating rink, the family has a new activity they can do together.

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