Skating Rink Staff Didn't Treat A Boy With Cerebral Palsy Special. How Come Parents Are Praising Him?

Date October 26, 2018 15:14

People with disabilities need our constant care and support. But sometimes, they want to feel like everybody else, and that’s something a little boy from Colorado got to experience.


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6-year-old Charlie Sumner from Nashville has a cerebral palsy and is used to spend most of the time at home. Of course, he felt isolated and upset. Now, he usually uses a wheelchair to get around and has an opportunity to be outside for a longer time.


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Once, Charlie’s family decided to spend a vacation at the Beaver Creek, in Colorado. They call it the best trip ever, particularly because of the friendly help of a stranger.

One day, Charlie’s younger brother and sister decided they want to go ice skating. His dad, the player in the ice hockey league, wanted to skate, too.


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At first, the family spent their time as usual: Together, but doing their stuff separately. Nevertheless, Charlie kept pointing to the ice, as he wanted to join his siblings and his dad.


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That was the time he met an ice skating worker, who made his day. Charlie’s mother told ABC News:

He did not treat Charlie special. He treated him like everyone else, just the way he did with his brother and sister.


ICE SKATING! I have no words!

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According to Charlie's mother, they had so much fun together:

He loves to go fast, which he did, he loves to spin around, which he did.

By the way, Charlie’s mother has a special tattoo for her little boy. On her Instagram account, she wrote:

This is so much more than a tattoo. It’s the place he touches when he needs my attention. It’s a symbol for my kid who speaks in symbols. It’s also a message that a wheelchair does not have to be a sad thing. We love our wheels. 


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Thanks to the stranger on the ice skating rink, the family has a new activity they can do together.

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