Wow! The Couple Turned A Rusty School Bus Into A Stylish Tiny Home For Cross-Country Trip

Date August 15, 2018 19:20

When people go somewhere on vacation, they usually spend the night in the local hotel room. However, of course, not everybody can afford it, as hotels are rather expensive, especially during the summer period. But this couple managed to find a perfect solution!

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A pair of New York teachers bought an old school bus and completely transformed it in order to have an amazing six-week road trip across the country with their beloved dog.

Andrew and Steph MacArthur are now the owners of an incredible DIY RV. They managed to do numerous improvements, including adding a refrigerator that runs on solar power, a full living room-style spread with a cozy couch and reclaimed wooden countertops.

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Now, they feel themselves completely free and can do everything on the road: fishing, camping, cycling, and exploring as much as they can. Good job!

By the way, they are not the first ones who decided to transform an old bus into a lovely tiny house. For example, the Certified Financial Educator, Marsha Barnes, managed to convert an old bus into a personal finance hub.

The simple food truck trend inspired her to create such a wonderful personalized office.

There is no limits to people’s creativity. These individuals prove that it is possible to do a lot of things by yourself. The only thing that is needed is the desire to do more!

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