Incredible Weight Loss Stories That Prove It's Possible To Get The Life Of Your Dreams By Making Lifestyle Changes

Date November 19, 2018 15:58

Body shaming can stand between people and the lifestyle they desire, especially if that desired goal is simply to shed a few pounds and live healthily.

Gwilym Pugh's amazing story

But, it is often amazing to see the change a determined shift can bring, and the story of Gwilym Pugh is proof. Pugh worked as an insurance broker in 2006, and had a lifestyle that was eating away at his confidence and wellbeing.

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He made a change. He began to eat right, count his steps, and do cardio regularly. His determination paid off, and he lost 91 pounds, but he was not done. Pugh grew a beard, joined a band, and got on Instagram.

These days, he's a top billing model for GQ and lives light years away from his former life as a London-based broker. It may seem like his story is a one-off, but he is not alone.

Other inspiring weight loss journeys

Here are a few other inspiring people who made a few lifestyle changes and got a new lease on life.

Kathleen Golding: lost 178 lbs

Kathleen turned to binge eating to cope with anxiety and depression.

The uniform: big black shirt and some kind of black stretchy pants. That was my normal. I had convinced myself that I needed to coverup and wear all black in order appear smaller. I went my whole life thinking I needed to avoid prints or horizontal stripes or light colored pants. That if somehow I wore all black, no one would be able to tell that I was 300 lbs. That same thought process didn’t stop after weight-loss though. Losing the 179 lbs meant loose skin all over my body and my initial reaction was “COVER IT UP. ASAP”. And that’s exactly what I did. No sleeveless shirts, no shorts, no tight clothes over my belly. But then one day I was trying on a strapless top and trying to convince myself of all of the reasons why I shouldn’t buy it and suddenly I just said FUCK IT. I worked hard to get to this point in my life and I’m going to enjoy it. I stopped wondering if other people liked it and wore it because I loved it. I spent my whole life wearing things because I wanted other people to see them as flattering. Fuck. That. Buy the horizontal stripes, wear the sleeveless shirt, and be proud of your body. 🖕🏻👊🏻 #transformationtuesday

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She owns the fact that she had to use surgery to get her weight back in line and now, at 26, she shares her weight loss journey with her followers on Instagram and is pleased with how far she has come.

Jeremiah Peterson: lost 92 lbs

Jeremiah switched up his diet and began to walk hours daily when he realized he could not have fun like the rest of his family because of his weight.

He no longer weighs 280 lbs and is much happier with his life approaching his 40s.

Jermaine Gause: lost 303 lbs

Jermaine was simply afraid that his weight would kill him.

He joined a residential weight loss community and has lost more than half of the 639 lbs he weighed.

Jessica Beniquez: lost 175 lbs.

Jessica chose to make her big step in February 2016. She began to take a herbal shake, joined a gym, stopped living a life that required her to sit around a lot.

These days, she has lost almost half of the 320 lbs she weighed and her confidence improved.

Jana Roller: lost 135 lbs

After Jana, 29, tried to run after her son and her weight stopped her from getting to him before a near accident, she signed up to become a bodybuilder.

When I first started my transformation I was 307lb. I had binge eating disorder, depression, anxiety and no belief in myself. . I struggled all my life with my weight. I started binge eating at the age of 5 to deal with my childhood trauma of being molested by my grandfather. At 14 I was raped by a “friend” in school. I was always the “chunky” kid in class, and the bullying was relentless. . After my son was born my weight climbed as I struggled with post partum depression and was pre-diabetic. I was hiding food and would eat in secret to deal with the feelings of being a scared new mom and the anger from my past. . My entire self worth was based on my weight. . I yo-yo dieted, restricted, purged, tried pills and special drinks. Nothing worked. I was desperate for change and desperate to find myself. . So when I got my wake up call from the universe, I knew then that this time had to be different. I started off slow, enlisted the help of my coach @jeremyreidfitness and began to transform. . I found my power to change but I also found my passion, and purpose. I earned my personal training certificates and fitness nutrition, and switched my career from being a full time boudoir photographer to a full time coach. My passion is to help women find their power to change and live their happiest, healthiest, most joyful lives. To help them ditch the eating disorders, and fad diets. To learn to love fitness and food just as I have. . I have found strength, courage, confidence but most importantly I have love for myself and gratitude for this life. . If you are struggling right now and need a guide, let me be that for you and together we have the power to change. I am accepting 5 new 1:1 coaching clients! DM to get started! . .. ... #transformationtuesday#extremeweightloss#weightlossjourney#fattofit#obesetofit#extremeweightlosstransformation#powertochange#withferocity#fitness#nodybuilding#fitnesslifestyle#weightloss#transformation#extremetransformation#fatloss#lifstyle change

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She went from 307 lbs to 172 lbs.

The life of your dreams

So, what are you waiting for? Do not let negativity get in the way when you can make the changes you need to live the life of your dreams.

See a professional, get on a diet, join a gym or a community weight loss group. Just do it!

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