Teenage Boy Had Both His Legs Amputated After Terrible Crash! He Has Defied The Odds To Get Back Behind The Wheel


July 25, 2018 10:24 By Fabiosa

Billy Monger was only 17 when he was involved in a crash that completely changed his life.

Billy's story

The British Formula Four driver was severely injured after he smashed into another car that had stopped on the track in April 2017. The young man was trapped for over 90 minutes before finally being rescued and rushed to a hospital. 

Billy had to have both of his lower legs amputated as a result. At the time, he also had to be kept in an induced coma while being healed.

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He's an inspiration

Since his accident, 'Billy The Whizz' has always been about getting stronger and not allowing the whole thing slow him down. In fact, only months after he was discharged, he walked part of the track where he crashed into the other car.

It was also announced that Billy would return to racing and would also participate in Formula 3 championships in the 2018/19 season.

To help get him back on his feet, many people have donated up to £841,844 on the crowdfunding website, Just Giving.

These days, his social media page is all about uplifting people and showing how far he has come. From driving to cycling, he's constantly moving and letting the world know that nothing can slow you down. 

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His fans continue to cheer him on, as he pursues his dreams despite what some people would consider a disability.

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