Cop Notices A Facebook Cry For Help And Donates Her Kidney To A Stranger’s Kid Right Away

Date August 22, 2018 17:56

It’s not a rare thing to see a touching post on Facebook about a kid or his/her mother crying for help, asking either to donate money or help in any other way to save the kid’s life. But it’s so easy just to go by.

Little Jackson’s cry for help

Little Jackson’s post was one of them. His mother, Kristi Goll, took her sorrow to Facebook and was virtually begging people to help her and 8-year-old son Jackson with their problem.

The thing is he was born with a condition called posterior urethral valves. And the most horrible thing there was that he badly needed a kidney transplant. The boy was lucky not to have dialysis, but the only hope he had back then was a new kidney.

All his mother’s pleas for help seemed to be in vain. And even if there were people willing to donate their kidneys, they weren’t a match for her boy.

True gift of life

Luckily, one day, Officer Lindsey Bittorf saw Kristi’s cry for help and immediately decided she wanted to help just as a mother of a boy herself. Here’s the message Lindsey wrote to Kristi, according to CNN:

If roles were reversed and it were my kid, I would move hell and earth for my kid, too.

That’s how it all started! She appeared to be a perfect match. The surgery went really well and now both, the boy and the woman, are feeling great.

Public reactions

Obviously, it was the best present Jackson and his mother could ever get. The police officer gave him life, and it’s the greatest treasure in the world. She did a selfless act, and such things should be rewarded at least with respect. That’s actually what people on Facebook did in their sincere comments:

If only all people were so compassionate! Jackson is lucky to have such an angel now. Let’s wish him well!