People Forgot About His Shop’s Anniversary, But Her Twitter Post Made It The Day He’ll Never Forget

Date August 22, 2018 16:11

It’s called empathy when you see a person down in the dumps and you can’t just go by.

Kaya decides to help poor store owner

When Kayla Jackson, 23, a wife of a security guard at an outdoor shopping centre in Northwest Fresno, CA, saw Dave High, 61, alone in his shop on its 35th anniversary, she just couldn’t leave it as it was. She saw him there all alone with all the treats he prepared for people.

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He dreamed about them to come and share his happiness. Here’s how Kayla described it to

He was just sitting there, he had this sad look on his face, and he kept repeating to us, ‘It’s our anniversary, it’s our 35th anniversary today. It’s really slow; it’s one of our slowest days’.

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Twitter does work!

The woman just couldn’t leave everything as it was, so she took a couple of photos of Dave in his shop and posted them on Twitter with a short text, explaining people the state of things. She just asked them to come and congratulate Dave. She also gave his number in the post so that people could just call him.

Here are other follow-up tweets of Kayla she wrote on Twitter, asking people to come: 

It’s hard to imagine, but in a matter of hours, the shop was full of visitors and Dave’s phone didn’t stop ringing. It was the best shop anniversary he could ever had!

Another case of internet`s help

Social media aren’t just for fun, they can save lives. It’s been a month since Kristi Goll wrote a post begging people to get tested if they were a match to donate a kidney to her son. Officer Lindsey Bittorf saw the post and decided to help. Here’s what she told CNN:

If roles were reversed and it were my kid, I would move hell and earth for my kid, too.

She appeared to be a perfect match for the boy and saved his life.

These two stories prove once again that people have a great power when they are together. And social media just help us do good to each other! Try it, it’s easy!

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