He Shielded Her With His Body During Las Vegas Shooting: Now, The Lucky Survivors Are Married

Date August 8, 2018 09:55

They say people happen in our lives for a reason. Little did these two know they will not only play games as kids together but also get married in the future.

Deadly shooting

Mykenzie Lane and her boyfriend Brandon Helmick met when they were just 12. Then, already as a couple, they were at the Route 91 Harvest music festival and lived through the deadly shooting that killed 58 people.

In that ordeal, Lane was shot in the ankle, and her boyfriend proved she is everything for him when he shielded her from the shooting with his body.

The injury didn’t allow her to run, so he took her and carried on his back to an Uber car to get to the hospital.

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She clearly didn’t expect that soon after that Helmick will propose to her with arranged rose petals on the sand in the shape of a heart on Laguna Beach in California.

Lane is thrilled to have such a man in her life who will always be a huge support for her. Here’s what she says about their relationship:

We don’t like to be apart for long periods of time, we stick together especially at night.

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Happily married

Now, they are happily married. Their wedding day was set to August 6, and Lane is proud to bear a new family name now. It’s one of those cases when the relationship means more than the world to these people.

They were willing to sacrifice their lives for each other. It’s the most rewarding thing ever that gives all possible reassurance in the day that follows.

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