Proud Mother Shares How Her 7-Year-Old Disabled Daughter Finished 5 Km Marathon

Date November 28, 2018 19:43

Children born with disabilities should not be left aside when it comes to achieving goals. Give these kids a chance and you’ll be surprised what they are capable of.  

This woman decided to share the incredible moment her disabled daughter finished 5 km run. Her story inspired us a lot. We hope it will inspire you too.


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Inspirational story of a disabled girl

Aynslie was born with a congenital condition called fibular hemimelia. The girl has four toes on her right foot and her right leg is shorter than her left because the tibia bone does not grow normally.

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Aynslie underwent her first surgery when she was just 18 months old. Four years later, she had her second surgery to lengthen the tibia bone and stabilize her ankle. Because of her condition, the girl will require several more surgeries in the nearest future.


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Despite her disability, Aynslie is a very joyful kid with big plans in life. Her mother, Heathyr, says she likes physical activities and easily makes friends with new people. Unfortunately, Aynslie can’t take part in all the sports she enjoys, but it doesn’t stop her from reaching her goals.

Reaching goals

When Aynslie was 7, she took part in the 5km run in West Palm Beach. Due to her special condition, the girl had to wear a metal fixator weighing over six pounds attached to her leg.

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It would be extremely hard for an adult to wear this thing all the time. We can’t imagine how this little girl managed to do it.

Her proud mother recalled what she felt at the moment when Aynslie crossed the finish line:

As Aynslie crossed the finish line and was being cheered on by the crowd I felt extremely proud, as any parent would. I was also amazed, as I always am, by her strength and determination.

Aynslie has diverse interests and hobbies. She plays basketball, attends swimming classes, and enjoys dancing. Heathyr is very proud of her precious daughter and admires her strong character.


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This good story made us believe that kids with disabilities need to be included in recreational activities and physical education in schools and institutions. Getting over barriers and challenges will help them reach new goals or even set new records.  

Proud Mother Shares How Her 7-Year-Old Disabled Daughter Finished 5 Km MarathonAfrica Studio /

Proud Mother Shares How Her 7-Year-Old Disabled Daughter Finished 5 Km MarathonDenis Kuzachev /

Let’s teach these children what they can do instead of telling them what they can’t.

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