We Applaud Him: Teen With Down Syndrome Became National Hero After Rescuing A Little Girl From Drowning

Date August 17, 2018

Some people are just born to be heroes. A teen with Down syndrome has become a national hero after rescuing a child from drowning in a sea.

Valerio’s story

People born with Down syndrome can live the full life like the rest of us. Valerio Catoia knows this firsthand.

Valerio never let his special condition stop him from reaching his life goals. When he was just 3 years old, he started taking swimming lessons. His parents believed physical activity can help little Valerio develop his strength and stamina.

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Catoia worked very hard and managed to reach awesome results in his favorite occupation. The young man was honored to represent Italy in the Special Olympics. By the way, he earned himself a medal.

True hero

Once, Valerio and his dad enjoyed a warm day at Sabaudia Beach in the Italian region of Lazio. Suddenly, they heard somebody was screaming. They noticed two girls drowning in the sea.

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Valerio and his dad did not hesitate a second and rushed to the rescue. They carried the girls out of the sea and helped them reach the shore. These were two sisters, aged 10 and 14.

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One of the sisters was in a critical condition. As a professional swimmer, Valerio was trained in first aid, which helped him bring the child to consciousness.

"Solidarity Champion of Italy" award 

For his brave actions, Valerio Catoia was named a national hero. The young man was even honored with a "Solidarity Champion of Italy" award. Valerio accepted the award from the Italian Sports Minister in person.

The brave teen deserves a standing ovation for his heroic deed. Do you agree?

This story proves one more time that people born with special conditions can live the full life and inspire others to follow their example. Great job!

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