Walmart Insulter Received Forgiveness From The Suffered Woman But Got Banned From The Store

Date May 16, 2018

Eva Hicks wished good to a woman who insulted her in a Walmart store. The racist incident took place at the grocery store in Bentonville, Arkansas, on May 7, and got an unexpected twist of events.

Racist incident

It was an ordinary Monday evening when tired Eva Hicks was shopping in Walmart and headed towards the medicine aisle.

She saw a woman standing next to the desired product and politely asked her to step back to reach to the shelf. Perhaps, that was a really exhausting day for the old lady as her reaction was unexplainable. She began to shout and insult Eva, ordering her to go away from America back to Mexico.

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Mrs. Hicks, the mother of three, started recording the argument and soon shared the concerning reaction online. The public was immediately soaked up with the pain Eva felt and continued sharing the viral video.

CNN / YouTube

Hicks' reaction

When another person wanted to interfere in the conversation, the elder woman started swearing and said that she is disturbed on every aisle possible:

She moved back her cart and immediately started saying that people bother her on every aisle, and started saying more hateful things to me. When another woman off-camera intervenes and tells the woman to stop being "ignorant," the lady on camera responds, ‘a n***er's calling me ignorant?’

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CNN / YouTube

Eva said that was the first time in her entire life she got insulted so rudely. Despite the hateful reaction, Mrs. Hicks wished the woman good but still felt pity for the country:

It’s really sad to see somebody like that.

CNN / YouTube

Walmart’s reaction wasn’t long in coming as well.

CNN / YouTube

The store’s administration asked the insulting woman to stop shopping in their store, posting an official announcement on Twitter. They are thankful to the shop’s employee who asked the lady to leave because of her unbearable behavior.

Everlasting problem

Unfortunately, racism is still with us. And despite so many public statements and conscious conversations, people still can’t get the message – there are no black or white; there are no African or Asian; there are only people. Everybody is equal, so we should be tolerant to everybody around us and respect each person regardless of the religion, origin, or skin color.

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