Video Of A Store Manager Calling Police On A Black Woman Trying To Use Coupons Goes Viral All Over The Internet

Date July 30, 2018

A woman shared a video of a store manager calling police on her for trying to use discount coupons. Is it because she was black?

The video went viral all over the Internet. But we have just one question after watching it: “What’s going on with this world, people?!”

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Simple shopping session turns a real disaster

40-year-old Madonna Wilburn from Buffalo works as a special education teacher in a local school. But the woman had no idea that not just kids but some adults need to get a couple of etiquette lessons.  

Two weeks ago, Madonna came to a local Dollar General to buy some detergent products. She'd downloaded some digital coupons beforehand to get some discount on her purchases.

Some of her digital coupons did not work correctly, which became a reason of conflict between her and the store manager, Ken Dudek. Dudek became irritated in the course of their conversation.

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Wilburn recorded the scene on her phone because she was not sure how the situation was going to end.

Madonna then asked to speak to a higher manager, which failed to happen. Only after the third try, the woman got the manager’s number.

The final point came when Dudek called a police claiming that Wilburn “had no right to record him on video.”

What’s in the end?

After her shopping session that turned out to be a real disaster, Madonna hired an attorney, William Wagstaff, who said Dollar General should compensate Wilburn and held racial sensitivity training for all their employees.

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Wilburn described what happened to her like:

It was embarrassing. I felt humiliated. I’m a black female, a couponer. What do you mean 'you people'?

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According to Buzzfeed, Ken Dudek was reportedly fired after this case, while the company apologized to Wilburn:

We provide training to all employees focused on our core values and we regret we fell short of our goals in this unfortunate incident.

Viral video

Could the story have another ending?

What happened to Madonna Wilburn made us wonder: could it be a different story if both of them were just a little more kind and tolerant in a common daily situation?

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Unfortunately, we all face rudeness and boorishness on a daily basis. Moreover, some of us allow ourselves to behave in the same way with others. Is it right?

In her book “Be The Miracle,” Regina Brett recalls a simple story that happened to her in a parking lot. How does it usually happen? A person takes your money, gives you change, and you pull away. Right? But what if we ruin the stereotypes?

Brett recalls that emotional moment in her book:

This time the attendant looked me in the eye, greeted me, shook my hand, and gave me a blessing before I left. He told me he loved his job and saw it as his ministry to bless people as they passed through his parking lot into the rest of their day.

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What our point is – let’s be more tolerant and kind to each other. A person can smile in the public but cry inside. We never know what will happen to us tomorrow. There are different situations that come in life where the power of love and support is just necessary. 

If you share our opinion, please let us know in the comments. All together we can make this world a bit better.

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