Supervisor Stands Up For The Offended Cashier When A Rich Customer Calls Her Not Smart


June 26, 2019 16:47 By Fabiosa

The premise that the customer is always right sometimes isn’t always understood correctly, and some customers may act arrogantly to offend the people serving them.

Just doing her job

A girl worked in the afternoons as a checkout cashier to pay for her university studies. She had also just left her sick son at her parents’ house to not miss work when something unpleasant happened to her.

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Her shift was going normally until a wealthy, elegant looking woman appeared. Unfortunately, money can’t buy manners. The woman was accompanied by her little daughter and from the beginning, she was throwing the items she was buying at the counter. She never responded to the cashier’s polite greeting and threw some coupons at her.

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Expired coupons

Despite her rude attitude, the checkout employee happily scanned the items and coupons when she realized one of them was already expired. She told the customer about this in the most polite way, but the woman then began to get stressed and shout at the employee. When a solution wasn’t reached, the woman asked to talk to the supervisor.

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While they waited for the supervisor, the woman turned to her daughter, with the intention of offending the employee, and said:

Do you see why I make you study? So you don’t end up a failure like this woman, being a checkout worker at a supermarket.

The supervisor heard the conversation when he came to confirm the validity of the coupons.

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He told the woman that her coupon was expired, he took the items out of the bags, asked her to leave and never return to the store. He wasn’t about to let anyone offend his employees.

All we can do is applaud the supervisor’s attitude. We wish all bosses were like that! The customer is not always right, as we can tell. And the best manager is the one who understands that.

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