Woman Bullied For Teeth Transforms Herself With Dental Treatment: "I Felt Like I Was Going To Break Down"

Date October 29, 2018 19:15

People become vulnerable, sensitive, and emotionally depressed due to bullying.

A woman attended Jeremy Kyle Show informing on being severely bullied over her 'ugly' teeth. Friends and other people from school harassed and abused her due to appearance.

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It broke her emotionally, and she couldn't even look at self in the mirror. People kept on bullying her on social media and real life.

I felt like I was going to break down. 

Actually, she had a traumatic injury in the childhood when she smashed the whole mouth on a lamppost. As a result, she lost a lot of front teeth. Kids brutally bullied her at school, and she had to switch to in-home education at 14 years old.

Unexpected gift

The show decided to grant her a new life out of harassment and offered to visit a dentist to fix the teeth. She said:

Thank you for changing my life.

The treatment took several hours to make her an entirely new person! And it turned to be wooooow!

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Don't be a bully

Who gives a person the right to judge, abuse, and harass somebody? Exactly, nobody. So, stop doing this nonsense.

Appearance is always controversial. The most crucial is the soul and actions. You'll never be able to know the real reasons for someone's looks or a particular behavior, and we shouldn't even bother jumping into conclusions.

And even if someone is bullied, try to absorb this negativity. Just go ahead and ignore people - they will never be satisfied. You'll be too fat or too skinny, too beautiful or too ugly, too stupid or too smart. Just let them do what they want.

Remember: life is like a boomerang; all your actions and words will return sooner or later. Stop hurting others and be focused on own life!

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