Seeing A Whale With Your Own Eyes? Yes! Anyone Can Have This Unique Experience, Here's How

Date December 19, 2018

Our planet holds many fascinating wonders, which we as humans continue to discover to this day. We have an opportunity to explore beautiful places and observe majestic creatures that inhabit this world with us. One of such creatures that piques our interest are whales, kings of the ocean.


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In our modern world, it's possible to safely observe whales in their natural habitat, something that people couldn't dream about just a few decades ago! It's a once-in-a-lifetime experience, imagine seeing a 30-ton whale jumping out of the water, magnificent!

You might think that getting into whale watching can be difficult, but it's actually very possible! So how can you get one step closer to such a life-changing adventure?

Practical ways to experience whale watching

The first thing you need to establish is where do you want to go to spend time with whales. There are numerous countries where this is possible, including Norway, Iceland, Madagascar, and even Canada and the United States! You have plenty of options and can pick one that is most suitable for you.

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An experienced whale watcher, underwater photographer, and nature enthusiast Michael shared some useful insights that help to choose a location as well as how you can get the most out of the adventure:

It's best to pick a place based on the goals you set out for the trip or which type of whale you want to see specifically, humpback whale, killer whale, or a beluga whale. Next question would be how you want to see them: from a boat, shore, or maybe even swim with them.

Obviously, you would need to find a reliable guide, who can assist you with creating a perfect plan for your fascinating adventure. Basically, all you need is the desire to go whale watching, with everything else you can always rely on the help of agencies and passionate adventure-seekers like yourself.

It will be worth it

Many believe that whales are spirit animals that teach people to listen to their inner voice and follow their own truth. It can be surprisingly peaceful to be in the presence of a massive whale owing to their serene energy.

What can be a more profound experience than to unite with nature and see such majestic creatures as whales with your own eyes? It's time to start living.

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