"The Epitome Of What A Man And An American And A Soldier Is”: Without 2 Legs, He Recovers And Paves His Way For Sled Hockey


May 9, 2018 17:44 By Fabiosa

When Taylor Hargis, a wife of a wounded Army Ranger, saw a photo of her husband trying to salute when receiving the Purple Heart, she called him a "bad ass" and "the epitome of what a man and an American and a soldier is." 

This photo flew all over the world, as it was a perfect example of how strong a wounded man without two legs could be.

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The tragic injuries happened after a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan. It followed by lots of days in the hospital and multiple treatments. But all that didn’t make Cpl. Josh Hargis back down. It’s 5 years after the tragic event, and he is a father of 2. Josh resorted to sled hockey after his physical therapist recommended it. And it appeared to be the right decision.

The man quickly adapted to it, and now, his goal is to train for the Paralympics and bring home a gold medal for Team USA.

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It’s big, and there are lots of stories like the one of Josh. Scotty Smiley is another hero who got permanently blind after an explosion in Mosul, Northern Iraq. However, it helped him realize he loved teaching and opened a new path for him in his life.

We rarely see those people around us, but there are so many of them. It’s worth helping them instead of turning our faces away. They need our support more than anything.

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