Man Leaves His Settled Life, Finds A 700-Year-Old Sandstone Cave And Digs Stone To Transform It Into A Luxurious $230,000 Home


May 14, 2018 13:40 By Fabiosa

No one denies the existence of cavepeople. Early humans are said to inhabit caves for various reasons. However, caves didn’t serve as permanent settlements for our predecessors. Instead, they used them as a shelter when moving from a place to place and hunting for herd animals. They were one of the main food sources for early humans.

Nowadays, it’s hard to meet people who live in caves, but there are exceptions. And when thinking of cavemen, you clearly don’t imagine a guy like Angelo Mastropietro. In fact, this man lives in a 700-year-old cave. The thing is, now it’s fully transformed into a luxury house everyone would like to dwell in.

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The 38-year-old man from Worcestershire has done most of the job to transform the cave into a living space himself. It happened after a former businessman was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. It made him reconsider his life and where he was going.

This way, he came up with the idea of arranging his living in a cave. He spent over $230,000 to make his 667-square-feet (62-square-meter) home as cozy as we can see it now. 70 to 80 tons of rubble were excavated by hand to make a terrace.

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Now, the Rockhouse Retreat is available to book. It’s perfect for those who want to have some time off and enjoy the nature. In the surrounding area, there are a lot of outdoor attractions.

All in all, it’s terrific what human beings are capable of, and they never stop impressing us with all the multitude of weird houses they build all over the world.

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