Emotionally Difficult Period Ahead! How Might Rare Blood Moon Eclipse Affect Your Mood And Choices?

Date July 19, 2018 16:04

Do you have any plans on July 27? If you live in Europe, Asia, Australia, southern parts of North America, and South America, you should definitely put on your calendar ‘watching a spectacular lunar event – the blood moon’.

The phenomenon only happens when the moon is in full eclipse. The Earth and sun align, blocking light to the moon. And it gets reddish when the sun reflects its bright color on it.

But does this magnificent lunar event have any effect on your mood?


Blood moons surely do affect you differently when compared to full moons because they always accompany a lunar eclipse. And the latter is known to stir up a lot of emotions.

So, what do astrologers say about the night?

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As Jamie Partridge said on Astrology King, your mood can be influenced by the way the plants align on July 28. The lunar event will be mainly influenced by Mars, which means anger, frustration, and poor choices.

But don’t worry, there’s also Saturn that has a more gentle influence, making it easier to be calm down. And don’t forget about the stars’ influence as well:

Some fixed stars give patience and decisiveness in a crisis. However, these same stars can also cause aggression and emotional problems.


The astrologer also noted that due to the lunar eclipse, you will likely focus your attention on relationships, family, and emotions:

The longest total lunar eclipse this century is going to have an incredibly powerful influence on your private life.

Anything else?

Overall, the emotions might be in overdrive, becoming more powerful, explosive, and overwhelming. So, it’s better to focus on positive emotions to get the best out of them.

Are you going to watch the celestial event on the night between July 27 and July 28?

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