Young And Talented Makeup Artist And Blogger James Charles Won The Internet With His Mind-Blowing Makeup Tutorials

Date December 18, 2018

Meet James Charles, a dream of all teenagers and one of the most popular bloggers, whose impressive makeup tutorials won’t leave anyone indifferent.


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Young talent

Who said makeup is for girls exclusively? A young and talented Youtube blogger, James Charles, breaks this stereotype.

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James launched his Youtube channel in 2015. Today, the young star has over 11 million subscribers. What’s his secret? – you may ask.

James simply does what he likes best. His content is based on exclusive makeup tutorials able to impress the strictest critics. Just take a look at some of James’ works and you’ll understand what we mean.


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Amazing, isn’t it? This young man has a big future on the social media platform.

CoverGirl spokesmodel

James’ talent didn’t remain unnoticed in the fashion industry. The teen blogger became the first ever male spokesmodel for the popular cosmetics brand CoverGirl.

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A famous singer, Katy Perry, who is also an ambassador of the brand, even posted a photo together with James on her Instagram.


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Just follow your dream

But James Charles is not the only young talent who slowly, but surely, won the Internet community. Here is another rising star, a lifestyle blogger Victor Ramos. His makeup tutorials also deserve a standing ovation.


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As you see, nothing is impossible if you have a dream and follow your goals. These young talents are vivid proof. Just believe in yourself and you’ll definitely make it!

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