Lack Of Patriotism? Air Force Vet Has To Sell His Home Because Of HOA Fines For A Small U.S. Flag In A Flower Pot

Date July 17, 2018 11:21

Many Americans decorate their homes with the U.S. flags. Is there anything wrong with this humble display of patriotism? Apparently, some associations aren’t happy about this, and you may even lose your home if you defy them.

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Larry Murphree, an Air Force veteran, decided to honor the brave men and women fighting for his country by putting a small American flag in a flower pot on his front porch. He told First Coast News:

It's a small flag, but it stands for a big thank you.

First Coast News / YouTube

Then, the man received a violation letter from his HOA stating that the flag was an “unauthorized object” and ordering to remove it.

Of course, Mr. Murphree didn’t comply. As a result, he received a hefty fine of $1,000, a sum of $100 fines per every day the flag was on display.

The tough veteran wouldn’t give up so easily. He hired lawyer Gust Sarris to help him fight for his right to keep the flag there.

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First Coast News / YouTube

Sarris said:

We believe we have the right to display the American flag, we filed suit in federal court.

They won the legal battle, but a few months later, the HOA played a dirty trick. They changed the flag ordinance to a flower pot ordinance.

Sarris said:

Somehow they re-categorized it and started doing the same thing again. Which was the same flag, the same flower pot, the same dirt and the same plant.


The fines kept piling up, and Mr. Murphree eventually had to sell his condo to avoid foreclosure. But the legal battle isn’t over yet. Gust Sarris is going to represent the veteran in court again. He is suing for $1 million.

According to Fox News, Mr. Murphree moved to St. Augustine and put up eight American flags around his new home.

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Who was right in this situation? A lot of people have commented on this story, and their opinions are divided. Some say the veteran didn’t violate anything – it was the HOA that violated his right to show patriotism. Others say that HOA has rules for a reason, and all members of communities should follow them. And what do you think?

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