Hero 5-Year-Old Girl Who Saved Her Mom Inspired Prince William To Talk To His Son George About An Important Life Lesson

Date July 18, 2018 14:06

When our children are still young, they rely on our help in most things they do. But, sometimes, it’s us who have to rely on them in dire situations. Suzie McCash, a 5-year-old from Tynemouth, England, knew exactly what to do when her mom went into anaphylactic shock, and the little girl’s brave actions saved her mother’s life.

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Rowena McCash, Suzie’s mother and GP, suffered a severe allergic reaction. The woman collapsed on the sofa, and Suzie, who was only 4 at the time, called 999 and explained what was happening to police call handler Adam Hall. In a recording of the call, the little girl seems to sound quite calm and composed.

In an interview with the BBC, Suzie’s mother said:

We are just incredibly grateful. We know she’s bright, but we were so surprised listening to the call. Everyone says she sounds calm; to us, she sounds really nervous, because she was quiet when we were done. But she gave them all the information they needed to help me.

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When the paramedics arrived, Dr. McCash wasn’t breathing, but they managed to resuscitate her. The police and paramedics involved in the situation expressed their amazement and praised Suzie for her quick and brave actions.

The story became known all over the world, and Suzie even received the Pride of Britain Award for her courage. At the ceremony, Prince William approached the girl to congratulate her and tell her she inspired him to talk to his young son, Prince George, about how to act in such situations. Here’s how their conversation went down:

Prince William: Did you save your Mom?

Suzie: Yeah.

Prince William: How did you do that?

Suzie: Well, it just came into my head and I said to myself: ‘How do I do the phone?’ I picked up the phone and called 999.

Prince William: You saved Mommy and now Mommy’s all better.

Suzie: Yeah.

Prince William: That’s the main thing…

Suzie: It was last year when I was four.

Prince William: I know, you were four. You see, I have a 4-year-old boy called George, and if I gave him the telephone, I do not know what he would do. So you did brilliantly, you did exactly what you were meant to do, and you know what? I’m going to have a conversation with my George about what to do, because of what you’ve done. It’s really important, and you’re very… you’re so grown-up, and you’re very brave.


His Royal Highness knows a lot about the kind of situation Suzie and her mom were in, as he was an air ambulance pilot.

As Suzie mentioned in an interview with the BBC, she wants to become a paramedic when she grows up. In that that conversation with Prince William, the inspiration and admiration were mutual, that’s for sure!

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