One In 10 Million: Mom Of Formerly Conjoined Twin Boys Shared An Optimistic Update On Their Health

Date May 16, 2019

When Nicole McDonald learned she was pregnant, she and her husband were overjoyed. They already had a son named Aza, and they were excited to welcome another addition to the family.

An ultrasound revealed Nicole was pregnant with twins. Then, a repeat ultrasound showed something extremely rare, and the couple had never expected to see this: the twins were joined at the head.

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The couple was scared at first. They asked themselves: “Will they ever have a normal childhood?” “Will they survive?”

How the journey began 

When the panic subsided, they started developing a plan. Nicole learned there was a surgeon experienced in separating babies who were born joined at the head. The family decided they would turn to this specialist for help.

 Nicole gave birth to twin boys on September 9, 2015. She and her husband named them Jadon and Anias.

Since the day the boys were born, the NICU became their home. They had to be closely monitored, and they underwent just about every test you can imagine.

On October 14, 2016, when the twins were just a little older than a year, it was finally time for the long-awaited surgery. The team at Children’s Hospital at Montefiore in New York worked on the boys for 27 hours. The operation was a success.

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About a year after the surgery, the boys finally went home to live with their parents and older brother. Jadon and Anias are now able to enjoy their lives as other toddlers do.

Jadon ’s progress has been quite fast. His mother told Today:

He is the most charismatic child I have ever met. He is always smiling. He runs the room and entertains himself.

Things have been a bit harder for little Anias. He has weakness and limited movement in the right side of his body, and it’s difficult for him to hold his head up. His mom told Today:

Anias is my little underdog. He has to fight so many more battles than Jadon and he always does it gracefully.

Optimistic updates

Nicole shares their story on Facebook. The McDonalds decided to move back to Illinois. Nicole shared the news in a Facebook post, in which she also gave important updates on Anias and Jadon’s health.

And even more! What a warrior! 

Boys go to school and they like it. 

Anias has made huge progress since that time. Here is he! 

We are so glad that Anias and his brother are doing much better. God bless this wonderful family!

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