Baby Girl Was Born 4 Months Early And Weighed Less Than A Bag Of Sugar, But She Defied The Odds And Proved She's A Little Fighter!


November 16, 2018 15:05 By Fabiosa

Premature births are common, even in developed countries. According to the CDC, about 1 in 10 U.S. babies were born prematurely in 2017. The charity Bliss estimates about 1 in 13 babies are born too early every year in the UK.

Fortunately, significant advances in neonatal care give these babies a chance to survive and thrive. Elsie Parkinson, who arrived 4 months early, is one of these babies.

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A miracle baby born 4 months early surprises her parents and doctors

Kenya Jade Latimer, of Clitheroe, Lancashire, was only 24 weeks pregnant when she started having labor pains. She and her partner, Ashley Parkinson, immediately went to Burnley General Hospital.

The minute their daughter Elsie was out, she was taken to the NICU and hooked up to the machines. Speaking to The Independent, the mom recalled the painful and scary moment:

One minute she was delivered, the next she was taken away from us to the neonatal intensive care unit and placed on a ventilator.

We were not even allowed to hold her because she was so fragile. Her skin was so delicate.

It was heart-breaking. You don't know what to do or think when something like this happens – you just have to deal with it.

Elsie was so tiny she could fit on her mom’s palm. She weighed only 1 lb. 10 oz. at birth. Since April 3, the day of her early arrival, she was carefully monitored round-the-clock for three months. Her parents were by her side the whole time, worried sick and wondering if she would make it.

Finally, after three long months, baby Elsie was strong enough to go home. She was discharged from the hospital and went home with her parents on August 5.

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How is Elsie doing now?

Elsie’s parents and doctors view her survival as nothing less than a miracle. She received excellent care at the NICU, and how she’s home with her parents, feeling fine and gaining weight steadily. Kenya told The Independent about her daughter:

Elsie is a beautiful little baby - our little bundle of joy. She has settled at home really well. She is gaining weight and is teething. Elsie is our little miracle and we love her to bits.

In an important update posted on Facebook, Kenya wrote about her girl's progress: Elsie weighed 11 pounds and her oxygen levels were improving:

We wish baby Elsie excellent health and hope she will continue to get better in leaps and bounds!

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