Woman Noticed A Stranger Who Pulled Over During Her Father's Funeral Procession, And It Turned Out He And Her Dad Shared A Special Bond

Date October 11, 2018

The family of the late Marine Corps veteran was touched by a random act of kindness from a stranger

Rona Wallace lost her beloved dad, Skeeter Lothringer, on September 27. He died from a heart attack.

Skeeter served in the Marine Corps and participated in the Vietnam War, where he was wounded and received a Purple Heart. So his family arranged a full military honor funeral lead by the Marine Corps.

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During the funeral procession, Rona and her family noticed a stranger who pulled over, got out of his car, and stood with his hand over his heart, honoring Skeeter.

The family was deeply touched by the man’s gesture and found it unusual, as other people who drove by simply went about their business, not paying much attention to the procession. The family wanted to find out who the man was.

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Acts of kindness continue

Skeeter’s family succeeded in finding the kind stranger on Facebook. His name was Ernest Boerlin and he also was a veteran, having served in the Navy. Rona thanked him for his respectful gesture, to which he gave a humble reply:

It was an honor to show my respect for a fellow serviceman and their family. Please accept my prayers and condolences to you and your family for your loss. Fair winds and following seas. God bless.

Rona was so moved that she decided to share the story with others. She wrote about it for Love What Matters and wrote a post on Facebook, where the story quickly went viral. Her post has been shared more than 250,000 times!

Ernest decided to use his online fame for the good cause and set up a fundraiser for Wounded Warrior Project in honor of his fellow serviceman, Skeeter

What an amazing man he is! Honorable and patriotic people like Ernest Boerlin make this world a better place. Our great servicemen and servicewomen, as well as people who show appreciation for their service, deserve nothing but respect.

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