Girl Survived A Failed Abortion Against All Odds. Four Decades Later, She Is A Pro-Life Activist Helping Other Abortion Victims

Date June 14, 2018

Sometimes, a true story can sound more like fiction. Its plot may be so unbelievable you think it couldn’t have happened in real life. One of such stories is the story of Melissa Ohden, whose life almost never started. But it did, and took many unexpected turns.

From the young age, Melissa knew she was born prematurely and was adopted. But she had no idea how it all happened until age 14 when her sister spilled the beans in the heat of an argument. She said:

You know Melissa, at least my biological parents wanted me.

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What happened next must have been the most painful conversation in Melissa’s life. Her parents explained to her that she was a survivor of a failed saline abortion. Can you imagine learning that at such as a tender age, when you’re old enough to understand what happened, but not old enough to be able to cope with it?

The pain, sadness, and anger overwhelmed the young girl. But when she turned 19, Melissa decided to find her biological mother. Her efforts to connect with her birth mom paid off after more than a decade. And then came another shocking revelation. Here’s how Melissa described it in an interview with BBC:

The biggest secret truly is that my birth mother had spent over 30 years of my life believing I had died that day at the hospital.

She was not told I survived. It was kept a secret from her.

I was placed for adoption without her ever knowing.

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Her biological mom, Ruth, later admitted she never wanted to have an abortion. Ruth’s mother forced her to undergo the procedure against her will. Melisa told BBC:

What I learned was my grandmother - her mother - was a prominent nurse in the community, and that the local abortionist was a friend of hers.

Together they literally forced the abortion on my birth mother against her will.

They were able to bypass the hospital regulations and procedures that my birth mother would have had to go through.

So people at the hospital thought it was her choice, and she had no opportunity to fight back.

The failed abortion happened at about 31st week of Ruth’s pregnancy, and doctors' prognosis about the girl’s survival was tentative. She spent more than two months in neonatal intensive care. Melissa's adoptive parents took her home when she was three months old.

Today, Melissa Ohden is 41. She is a social worker, pro-life activist, and happily married mother of two girls. The woman stays in touch with her birth mother. Melissa’s younger daughter Ava has special needs, but she is lucky to have a person taking care of her. Michelle Lehr, the NICU nurse who took care of Melissa, helps Ava with her health issues.

Melissa’s life was almost cut short, but, miraculously, she survived. Now, she helps other victims of failed abortion. The woman overcame so much pain and suffering, but right from her birth, she has had the strongest will to live. Now, she dedicates much of her time to helping others. What an amazing character!

Source: BBC, Babble,

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