"He Embraces Who I Am": Young Woman With A Port-Wine Stain Birthmark Shares Her Love Story And Helps Others With Facial Differences

Date August 21, 2018 10:55

Judging people by their appearance should be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, many people still don’t get it, but those who do can make changes happen!


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How a girl with a port-wine stain birthmark found love and helps others with facial differences

Crystal Hodges was born with a port-wine stain birthmark on the left side of her face. You may expect someone with a large birthmark on their face to be self-conscious about, but Crystal isn’t! Actually, she embraces her facial difference and she found her special someone who sees the beauty in it.

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Crystal met the love of her life on a dating website. Her birthmark was clearly visible in every picture in her profile – what’s there to hide? The guy wrote her a message, and from their first phone call it became clear: the birthmark didn't bother him. He even liked it.

Crystal wrote on Love What Matters:

He didn’t understand why anyone would see it as an issue, or as a valid reason to not date a girl.

After several months of dating, Chrystal’s boyfriend popped the question. The girl said ‘yes’ without hesitation! These two have no doubts that they belong together. Crystal wrote on Love What Matters:

He embraces who I am, as I am – lasered or not lasered. He loves that I love the color purple, and sometimes he’ll even wear the color purple to color coordinate with my natural look. He laughs with me as I make new birthmark jokes. He sees me as beautiful when the world tells me I’m not, and when I don’t feel so beautiful after a treatment – and he makes sure to tell me so on a regular basis.


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The young woman has talked quite openly about facial differences, and that has served as an inspiration to others. Chrystal wrote about one particular moment when the mom of a girl who has a similar birthmark asked to meet in person.

When 9-year-old Naomi saw Crystal, she was so excited that she screamed! Crystal recalls:

Walking down the hallways of her elementary school with her mom, Naomi acted like it was a normal afternoon. In fact, to her, it was – until she saw me.

‘CRYSTAL!’ I heard her yell, as her eyes lit up and her body picked up its speed. Before I knew it, I was receiving one of the biggest and warmest hugs I had ever received.


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Little Naomi was overjoyed to see someone who looks like her. Crystal recalls her words:

‘It’s so nice to meet you. It’s so exciting…I never saw someone else in person who had a birthmark on their face.’

The young woman helped Naomi and many others understand that birthmarks on their faces don’t make them any less beautiful. Keep up the good work, Crystal!


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What are port-wine stain birthmarks?

Port-wine stain birthmarks are quite common. According to WebMD, about 3 in 1,000 people are born with them.

These birthmarks are often seen on the faces, arms, and legs (less often, on other body parts). Port-wine stains aren’t hyperpigmented areas of skin; they are vascular birthmarks, which are areas of dilated blood vessels in the skin.


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Although port-wine stains usually aren’t a sign of an underlying health problem, about 3 percent of people with this kind of birthmarks are affected by Sturge-Weber syndrome. The syndrome may cause migraines, seizures, eye problems, learning difficulties, and muscle weakness. Crystal mentioned in one of her posts that she has this condition.

Laser therapy can make port-wine stains smaller and lighter, but treatment sessions have to be regular to maintain the effect.

Birthmarks and other facial differences can make some people self-conscious about their appearance. But Crystal proves there’s nothing to be ashamed of if you happen to have a birthmark of your face. Learning to embrace it can make life so much easier.

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