Woman Wouldn't Move To Let A Couple Sit Together On The Bus, But Their Response Left The Whole Bus In Hysterics

Date November 9, 2018

Sometimes, people are so preoccupied with themselves that they forget how to act politely in social situations. And the best way to teach someone a lesson in basic human decency is not a stern talking-to, but humor!

Remember the coffee shop owner who put up a fun sign to remind people to say “hello”, “please”, and “thank you”? Well, he said the sign served its purpose and also put smiles on people’s faces.

Like that coffee shop owner, one couple from Winston-Salem, North Carolina, was in a situation where a stranger was rude to them for no reason. They decided to teach her a lesson, and what they did made everyone around them laugh their pants off!

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Ted and Beverly’s story

Beverly and Ted Robinson were on the way back from their 37th anniversary trip. They boarded a shuttle bus to the airport, and there were only two unoccupied seats on the bus, but there was a woman sitting between them.

The couple politely asked the woman to move, but she ignored the request and simply gestured to the seats on either side of her seat. Ted and Beverly didn't argue with her and took the seats. Ted told his wife:

Beverly, you sit over there and I’ll sit on this side of her. Maybe, she wants to sit between us.

People on the bus saw the whole situation and started whispering and giggling. The woman looked grumpy and tense the whole ride, just staring at her phone and texting, while the couple just giggled with other passengers. They even took a few selfies with the woman “who looked family” in the hilarious pictures!

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How people reacted

The couple shared the video in which they explained what happened during that awkward encounter and pictures they took during the ride. The post quickly went viral and gave more than 33,000 people a good laugh!

Here are some of the comments:

It’s not like Ted and Beverly asked that woman to give up her seat. Maybe, the way people around her reacted to the whole situation gave her a clue to be more polite to strangers next time around!

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