Missouri Woman Tried To Prevent Her Black Neighbor From Entering His Home, Got Fired When Her Employer Saw The Appalling Video


October 18, 2018 09:51 By Fabiosa

In this day and age, you’d expect racism to be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, it’s still alive and kicking, and recent cases of racial profiling continue to prove it. One of such incidents happened in St. Louis, Missouri, and it’s gaining nationwide attention.

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A St. Louis woman tried to prevent a black man from entering his home

D’Arreion Nuriyah Toles, aged 24, returned home from work. At the entrance to his apartment building, he was confronted by his neighbor, a white woman named Hilary Brooke Mueller. She did not believe he lived there and demanded to see his key fob.

Toles showed Mueller his key and tried to get into the building, but the woman stood in the doorway, demanding more proof. At this point, Toles had already started recording the confrontation.

The young man went past the woman and to the elevator, but she wouldn’t leave him alone. She got into the elevator with him and followed him right to his apartment, still unconvinced that he was a tenant there.

Toles told the woman that the conversation was over and locked his door. Can you guess what happened next?

That’s right, she called the police. They showed up at the man’s door in about 30 minutes and 

treated me like a criminal until they viewed the video recording that I made,

 he told the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

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What happened next?

Naturally, Toles was upset about the whole situation. He uploaded videos of the confrontation on Facebook, and his post immediately went viral.

Mueller’s obnoxious behavior didn’t go unpunished. Her employer, Tribeca-STL Management, which is a property management company, put out a statement about her termination, The New York Times reported.

Missouri Woman Tried To Prevent Her Black Neighbor From Entering His Home, Got Fired When Her Employer Saw The Appalling VideoD'Arreion Nuriyah Toles / Facebook

Toles took the high ground in this situation. In a follow-up post on Facebook, he asked his supporters not to

bash the women just send her positive waves of energy, and let’s be great people.

We hope this story can bring people at least one step closer to accepting that all races are equal. We should treat each other with kindness and respect, regardless of race.

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