Mom Of Six Was Shamed For Having Stretch Marks, And Her Husband Wrote A Perfect Response To Haters

Date August 29, 2018 17:19

Being a mom makes a woman more beautiful inside and out. Having stretch marks doesn’t take away from a woman’s beauty, although many moms are self-conscious about them. To change this mindset, some women bravely reveal their post-pregnancy bodies the way they are! Unfortunately, there’s always someone who will say something nasty to shame these moms. One dad of six wrote a perfect response to mom-shamers, and people are loving it!


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What is the fuss about?

Sharny and Julius Kieser are happy parents of six. They are also authors of a popular blog promoting healthy lifestyle. On their Instagram page, the Kiesers share inspiring and motivational posts and moments from their family life.


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Being a mom of six, Sharny has visible stretch marks on her belly, but she is not afraid to show them.

For some odd reason, there are people who find stretch marks "unpalatable." Here’s one of the nasty comments someone left under this picture:

Put those ghastly stretch marks away, nobody needs to see that filth.

The post garnered dozens of supportive comments from people who believe there’s nothing shameful about loving your body the way it is! Here are some of them:

People should envy you not trash you, first for having 6 kids(no small thing) and supporting housband and secondly for lovely and real body that shows nothing but strenght. Literaly.

Totally agree. Beautiful photo and being a fit mum to 6 kids is amazing.

This is beyond inspiring! As a FTM who’s been struggling to “deal” with the concept of getting stretch marks, this totally has changed my mindset💙

Thank you. This statement is so beautiful and so true. I have some stretch marks from having three children and other scars from health battles and my husband still thinks I am so beautiful. Men like you and my husband and god sent and I thank you for your presence in our lives. Social Media and people like the Kardasians and their ilk do not teach people real life is flawed and life leaves scars and stretchmarks and wrinkles.

Your view on women and body Image is so refreshing! Especially in a world where all we see is females trying to be “perfect” what’s perfect anyways? When you love you see only beauty. Thank you 🙏 for your kind words that all women should hear.

Apparently, the post resonated with many other moms and dads. Later, the loving dad and husband wrote another post:


All her life, she’s been told she was beautiful. Now, because of LOVE, she is UGLY. Mothers transform from selfish to selfless through the process of birth. They hand their entire life over to their baby. Sleep, food, body. A love so strong it is palpable flows from every pore in her body to that child. She consciously and actively pours her very essence, her life force into the small baby. By carrying and birthing a child, she sacrifices her youthful body. The sacrifice is made even more great when society disregards her and tosses her aside. All her life, she’s been told she was beautiful. Now, because of LOVE, she is UGLY. “Put those ghastly stretch marks away, nobody needs to see that filth.” I disagree with every fibre in my being, I also believe that EVERY single father on earth who is a MAN will stand by my side on this. Let me explain. Men love sport. Even in the age of “don’t cry,” it has always been acceptable and encouraged to show emotion at great sporting events. The toughest of men can be brought to tears by the emotion of a sporting game. I’ll give you another example - the movie Braveheart. To this day, the most popular movie for men. Show me a man with a dry eye from that movie and I’ll show you a liar. Braveheart was a movie about sacrifice. The most beautiful sporting moments come from great sacrifice. To a man, there is nothing more beautiful than sacrifice. It’s the bow that strokes the emotional heart strings. AND… There is no greater sacrifice than giving yourself to a child. The transformation that a woman goes through just to become a mother chokes a man up more than any sporting event. When we see media, magazines and social promoting young girls bodies as the ultimate beauty to aspire to, I disagree. Smooth skin may be aesthetic, but it doesn’t show the true depth of the person. See, a 20 year old insta model may be beautiful, but she’s not yet at her TRUE beauty. LIFE brings beauty, genetics don’t. It seems completely backward that we celebrate luck, but disregard or even hate sacrifice. I know we men have a lot to answer for with regard to bigotry...... Continue reading in comments....

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Kudos to this amazing dad who understands what his wife had to go through to bring six kids into this world and who loves her post-pregnancy body all the more! These two parents are doing a great job raising six children, and what's more important than that?


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Sharny helps other moms learn to love their bodies, with or without stretch marks, and her openness really deserves nothing but praise. Keep up the good work, guys!

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